Party culture vs. Fish Culture


Ain’t no party like a Sexrex party, amiright?


Tonight is the beginning of the weekend, more or less.  It’s the end of Thursday.  Friday rises to take its place.  And since I’m a Michigan State University student, I have a stark contrast before me.  I pass bars full of patrons and party-goers as I leave work.  Yet, here I am looking up fish content and contemplating what water changes will take place momentarily.  I’m 21 years old now, mind you.  This culture….this “bar” culture….finds no place for me.  Actually, I can’t find place for IT. 

You know what’s better than any party?  A fish auction.  Fish auction season rings in every fall and spring.   And we all know it’s Autumn now.  I just want to be at home bidding on a cool bag of livebearers.  Or maybe strap on some waders and chase some late-season darters.  They are oh so pretty. 

I went to a party once.  There was a fraternity involved, and the music was loud and the people were grabby.  I didn’t drink one sip of…anything, because you can’t trust college boys.  However, I was drawn to one thing:  The fish tank under the bar.  Yup.  I remember like yesterday the gouramies and black-tailed shark.  Gosh, it was sparsely stocked.  So much….empty space.  So little love.  Right then and there i just wanted to get permission to be honorary fish maid. Honestly, whenever i encounter ill-looked after or poorly explored tanks…I just want to show them the way.

Do you see the way?

Can I show you how to really party in life?



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