To the Plucky Housewives…..

To make money for my hobby, and to also qualify for work study, I get my hours in at the library on campus.  When I got the job, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Shelving was a must.  However, I got the end of the straw that said “congrats you get to crop and rotate and do computer stuff.”  It really is a fortunate job to have fallen into.   But again, not in the expected way.   For, I get to crop, rotate, and scan (beyond the massive collection of golf magazines) a plethora of old cook books.  I’m talking pre-1900’s old, in some cases!  Tonight was one of those.  I was scanning a household manual dedicated to “The Plucky Housewives of 1876.”

At first, I chuckled.  Who doesn’t find the housewife tradition a bit dated?  A few hours in, though, and I was starting to agree with the logic behind it.  If every family could be traditional, there are undeniable benefits for having a party solely to manage the household for which sanity depends.  And what woman doesn’t secretly enjoy the craft anyways?  I know I do.  I’m a closet housewife.

I also admire the language and written text of those times.  People today write as though a dictionary were not a useful tool.  I think all the new humans of the world could use a more dedicated mother these days……

If for nothing else, to teach them to get off their butts and drop the iPhone.

Them Plucky Housewives knew what was up.


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