Bettas that Brood



There is such a degree of misconceptions about fish I don’t know where to begin to unravel them sometimes.  However, this can be said of most any topic.  Take, for example, the government shutdown of current. People live in a fantasy world these days, where you just….don’t need to know. Or if you do, you don’t.  That said, I have an interesting fish announcement.  I want to be perfectly clear, because I do care that it is understood.

I have a betta incubating eggs.  In his mouth, as we speak.  As I type, rather.  I’m hoping for success and some spit fry in a week or so, as this is his 4th attempt.  He is a male Betta krataios, and one of a pair that is irreplaceable to me. 

It’s not so much the oddity that he is a betta brooding eggs by mouth that throws people.  It’s that he is a fish…with eggs in his mouth as a protective paternal measure.  It’s a foreign adaptation for mammal audiences.  But you know.  He’s not a mammal.  Embrace this beautiful act with me, please?  And understand, that life is always going to surprise you. 

And also that not all bettas are what you see in a cup at Pet-whatever. 

Some bettas come fresh from Asia and harbor less gaudy coloration.  And it is my strongest opinion that these bettas are some of nature’s finest specimens.

Some bettas bubble…..but some bettas brood.  

If you ever catch one in the act of reproduction, take note.  And also video 🙂

It’s pretty damn cool.


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