What’s that Song? It’s Beautiful!

I worked an extra hour tonight, extending my stay at MSU until 11:00 PM.
It was an uphill battle til the end.
Reaching that car was a victory.

Though much of today my energy faded and my enthusiasm piped down a bit, I couldn’t help but celebrate my belated freedom in such a manner: cutting out of the parking lot blaring my soul-feelings in song form. For the last week, the Purity Ring album has been playing on shuffle in my mode of transportation. When I get to drive, that is, I enjoy some sweet Canadian electro-tunes. And my is it sweet. I saw Purity Ring in concert last May and it was a performance I could never forget. Surreal vocals over vibrant musical noise. And the lights.
Anyways, the point is more that I drove home in a much better mood. And Lofticries carried me there. Whatever the meaning behind the song, the lyrics and the presentation….just speaks to me. It’s beautiful. And when I pulled up to my left turn and hit a red light, I rolled down those windows and instead kicked up the volume a notch to match my building enthusiasm. The car directly to my right sat for much of the duration of the light. Windows equally exposed. And when i finally willed myself to turn my head, I saw the lady in the driver’s seat gesturing. I rolled down my windows more and faced her. She exclaimed, “What is that song? It’s Beautiful!”

I smiled greatly.


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