Taking the Inconvenient Road home- and Loving it

I woke up today a mini-celebrity at MSU.  Although that’s probably an overstatement.  I got an article in the state news, and that’s the gist.  But I was proud, as were my friends and family.  It was a moment.

I had my coffee and set out to experience new things.

That I did, that I did!  My mind is jumbled now trying to recollect, but mostly….the idea of savoring every moment of every day comes to mind.  That’s what I indulged in.  I savored every inconvenience and every interaction today.  Should I recreate this day?  I think it would fill many pages.  And this is most days for me, crazy enough.  How can you not have a million things to say?  AT all times?  it’s exhausting.  But I want to revisit, even so soon.  Even in the event that it’s not over.  Shall we?!

It begins with a false start.  Fridays are always a free day for me, which is glorious.  But i got on my bike and intended to get much accomplished only to get called back home while i was just perusing Old Town.  I bought some waxworms at the bait shop as they were out of the elusive butter worm that tantalized me previously.  I scanned Preuss Pets but made no purchase.  Also I nabbed a deer tail for potential costume use.  Returning home, however, was no awful thing.  It set me on the right track for the day as I had intended to get a haircut but knew in my heart I only wanted to get it done at an Aveda institute (which is nowhere near Old Town).  My sister joined me for Chinese food as a lunch.  And I made my appointment.

The next time I embarked by bike, I was to succeed in getting somewhere.  I struggled with mounting the bike on the bike rack as usual, which always entertains the bus driver who picks up at the end of my street.  I guess I’m a regular now with this whole “no car” putting me in the bus system more than I’d like.  But I make the best, we all know 🙂  After a quick transfer, I was on Grand River and downtown East Lansing.  3:00 PM.  I had thirty minutes til my appointment at Aveda.  So naturally i took the opportunity to check out the Curious book store, which always treats the eyes. I set my alarm and began browsing.  I wanted a nature guide of sorts, but instead stumbled upon a Pond and Aquarium fish encyclopedia that i recalled checking out as a kid at the community library.  It was the very same content.  Beautiful.  It was the first item to be packed.

I always like when I get my haircut and the stylist tells me i have nice hair.  Really thick, but nice.  I have been weighed down with length and….weight….so I allowed 4 inches to be hacked off very neatly.  It was no stressful procedure.  It was necessary.  And then i had the delight of biking around town with a short hairdo.

Though I intended to take the bus straight to the meridian mall to get out near Okemos, i found myself chasing it by bike.  And then….i had biked halfway there.  So I kept going.  I haven’t had a functioning bike in years, and being that I grew up in the country….paved paths for biking is just so nice now!  So i quickly perked up and just focused on the destinations.  I knew i needed to get feeders……a little odds n ends.  But mostly I just like browsing because it is the unexpected sale that is always most rewarding.  Did I mention it was payday?  Twas.

I browsed Pet Supplies Plus.  Just a quick in and out.  It never delivers for me much these days.  but of note…I saw an electric blue acara contaminant that I could have acquired cheaply.  And many, many reptiles half off.  too bad I have my fill.  Even so, I grabbed a care sheet on firebelly toads.  Why not?  It’s free.

I began to feel hunger and so stopped at Burger King.  I have bruised a lot.  A LOT.  so I wonder if iron deficiency is to blame.  Or maybe I’m crazy and reckless.  Either way.  Food.  While consuming my whopper Jr. and fries, I noticed a survey on the back of my receipt promising a free burger or sandwich.  So I made note.

As I biked further, I got honked at a few times.  people staring.  Maybe at my chest as I wasn’t keen on wearing a bra with my cami today.  Oh well.  I biked til I made it to Petsmart.  Taking many back ways to avoid traffic.

I chatted with the fish guy.  Very good deals to be had on nice fish i noticed.  Silver dollars for….a dollar.  That was just funny.  And brown knife fish for $4.  I made many, MANY notes here.   And I guess at some point panda cories became super cheap.  NOTED.
Here, I grabbed some wet food for my cat-child and new toys on clearance.  I also needed feeders.  Coupon promised free dozen crickets with superworms.  I also got a coupon for $3 off next purchase with survey which I anxiously anticipated.  done and done.

Next stop was the mall.  Right nearby, thankfully.  I meant to go to Bath and Body Works.  But loitered everywhere else anyways.  Schulers is my favorite entrance…offering used books and goodies.  I did not buy, but a baby bongo toy was awfully tempting.  I may just visit the newborn bongo at Potter Park Zoo tomorrow.  I have always loved that antelope.

Distractions aside, I did take home an assortment of soaps and sanitizers.  Which didn’t make my pack any lighter.  I’m prepared to murder my muscles, it seems.

Lastly, I had to get over to Meijer.  I figured i would pick up the bus there afterwards. It was pushing 9 PM.  But i needed things that did not turn up elsewhere.  Such as vitamin supplements and tupperware.  Ware proved difficult to pack, but I managed.  I have no qualms about removing packaging to stuff things in my backpack on these trips.  Before I left Meijer, I ran into a pair of men buying a fish tank and accessories.  I stopped to make small talk and told them to enjoy it before carrying on.  As I was leaving I glimpsed this same pair picking out houseplants.  Those boys have earned themselves a fan.  Flora and fauna is essential to a healthy home, I heartily agree!

By now, the hour was past nine and lightning flashed in the distance as a rolling thunder began and precipitation followed.  I boarded the bus.  Free rides on first fridays, evidently.  Still, I struggled to mount the bike on the rack, and the bus driver was clearly amused and laughed audibly as I rushed on board after a hasty fastening.   I know.  I’m a character.  I cradled a bag of crickets in my lap til the bus neared lansing.  It was a while.  I got off downtown and knew immediately I had to bike the rest of the way.  Buses don’t run late.  But it was not a problem!  Lansing in the dark?  challenge accepted.  I was not slightly bothered.  And it wasn’t a far ride.  Oktoberfest sounded in the background of my trip.  Drunkies….best be safe biking, eh?  10 PM and I was letting myself move with gravity as it pulled the bike faster and faster to my house at the dead end and the bottom of the hill.  I tilted my head back and just relished the night.  I’m exhausted.  I have spent all day.  But I’m alive.

So that is the summary.  I love the quirks and turns my day takes and makes and throws.  Crazy Beautiful Life, i believe Ke$ha would say.

I’m just spoiled.  By everything I see.


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