The Scheme

I’ve been scheming the last few days.  It’s all coming together beautifully.  Scheming beautiful schemes.  I’ve realized the time for upgrades is now, and every sale and opportunity collide.  This weekend is meant for glory.  Fish room glory.

First off, I’ve agreed to buy a new 20 gallon long tank.  Holds water.  $10 at meeting.  Couldn’t say no.  But I didn’t immediately think it would be of use given my space.  Correction:  it is.  My sister has been pining over a stand that currently holds my 29 gallon aquarium.  Well, it’s a pine stand.  or wood or something prettier but less economical than iron.  I have no real attachment.  Then i discovered Preuss Pets is selling used iron 20 L stands for….20 dollars.  So I’m scheming to give my sister the furniture stand and replace it with the iron stand and then implement a new 20 long underneath.  Beautiful. 

But wait!  it gets better.  I have been trying to figure out what to do with a 15 gallon aquarium i acquired a while back.  It has a small crack in the corner, but upon leaving it outside for a few days…I notice it holds water.  Still.  What do?  Then i discovered the coveted crested gecko is going on sale for $25 this weekend only at Petco.  Beautiful.  I can have my cake and eat it too.  That 15 gallon shall be his habitat.  Appropriately tall for an aboreal gecko, but good ground space as well.  More than pleased.

Lastly, There is a reptile show where I intend to get as much feeding fodder as possible.  Or that funds easily allow.  And at some point….I intend to go to Lowe’s to buy a sheet of plywood and have it sliced up at the store to given dimension.  Fish rack #2 shall soon be functional. 

Scheming is fun 🙂


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