Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed


I haven’t provided a fun picture in a while.  So there you have it.  Now, onward!

I indulged in a little sleep today.  And I have been rewarded ten-fold.  My body ached so badly from a week’s worth of pushing it to its physical limits.  So I slept and when I woke at a healthy hour, the sun filtered through the blinds and I felt more prepared.  But even more important:  I was greeted with so many happy faces.  Or, presumably happy.  At least, happy to see me.  My geckos pawed at the glass and my fish begged and my cat began licking my feet.  It’s about time, Momma!  they seemed to exclaim.  I know it’s about time….I’m overdue for feeling capable for these children. 

I turned my attention to my bed board tanks, the ones so productive as of late…..two tiger limia fry last night.  Another Neoheterandria elegans.  And then i peeked at my Limia melanogaster…..sure enough, small schools of timid fry hanging out under the plants and sponge filter.  So I took to removing them calmly with a turkey baster.  Thirteen fry in all.  I’m smiling and I’m calm and this day has even better prospects than most.  Let us begin, shall we?

With a step off the correct side of the bed. 


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