The Boom and Bust

Today I had to choose from two exciting events:  Southwestern Michigan Aquarium Society Fall Auction or Lansing Reptile Show.  Since my meeting was yesterday, I felt I owed some attention to the herps in my life.  So the Reptile Show got defaulted to my activity for the day.  Unfortunately, it was a bust.

It was sufficient to meet my basic needs, but the room was half empty and vendors sparse, in that sense.  For the first hour, nobody showed.  Barely.  A few people here and there.  It didn’t do so hot last month either, and it saddens me that two months in and Lansing is due to lose this attraction.  Was it an attraction?  Did it attract anybody?  A few, but not enough.  So we complain.  I’m happy enough to continue, but odds are it won’t last.

Meanwhile, the real reptile enthusiasts made it to Tinley Park for an extravaganza of a show.  I had not a clue, and it’s really not my forte.  However, the fact of the matter is….the crowd potential in Lansing became ever slimmer.  Some places boom and some places bust.  Some cycle, but Lansing is the town that never was.

Also of note, my beloved society of origin (SWMAS) has lost membership.  Aquarium societies in many areas are dying.  Almost quite literally.  Here I am, a young adult woman (I think?) eagerly participating in the hobby.  But my peers number fewer by the…..well, by some span of time.  It’s not a booming hobby.  Likewise, the auction saw only 300 bags and a general lack of interest.  It sucks.  Sucks hard.

I’m in the running to get a job at Preuss Pets.  I want a booming clientele for the freshwater department to follow.  But we all know I’m a bit ambitious by now.  So ambitious I fail to hit the blog as I promised.  So type away I shall.  And maybe inspire a few new aquariums and allow their owner success. 

Today is not an awful day.  And nothing is wrong, except maybe the proportion of the population that flocks to football but leaves hobby venues bare.  That seems a bit….unsettling.  I only mention because an atrocious crowd of people hindered my travels to work this weekend.  In the name of……pigskin.  Men clashing and a pointless goal.  Why.

Why does this boom as an industry, but not enough people can dedicate their time to a hobby in need?  or two?
I don’t get it, and I fear I never will.  People can be the most predictable and also the most unpredictable.   But not a standard citizen and a fish hobbyist.  Or reptile enthusiast. 

The lack of concern.
Concerns me.


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