A Question of Escapism

We all do it.  We enter a land powered by a vast connection called internet.  We carry phones that cannot leave our side.  We play games that hold no weight and do not exist.  We drink and smoke and do things to make the “life” go away.  It’s…..honestly disturbing.  When you get to the root, and push past this “we” artificially employed.  This is a culture of people who do not care for reality.  So they invent their own, but in a much more harmful manner.

I read some articles recently that clearly stated the harm our technology inflicts.  If you are drawn into that smart phone, you might not notice an armed and disgruntled citizen.  Until it’s too late.  If you blast your headphones while walking the streets, you increase your risk of injury and accident.  These things really happen.  Repeated button pushing and finger tapping actually cause minor stress to the joints and muscles and add up to a traumatic injury.  Like slow and painful death brought about by our own choice.  But is there a choice? 


Why are you escaping?  What are you running from?  What of this world isn’t satisfying? 

Do you see no harm? 

One day, you will.  When the generation of tech-hungry humans decides they don’t care about basic survival.  Whoops.  we already don’t.

I sense the escapism is simply understood when you take into account the vast amount of awful events plaguing the planet.  When you take into account the unnecessary routines and laws and stresses.  And lifestyles meant for anything but us. 

I see no sense in escaping.  No life can be better than that presented.  Why are you harming your experience?  Why are you ignoring the true beauty and letting it rot so you can pretend you are an elf or a celebrity or something completely nonexistent? 

Why not build beauty with your copious hours of boredom?  The world IS at your fingertips.

Just not in the sense of touch screens. 


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