The Aching


There is a toxic lack of health and wholesome feeling here.  I had a tremendously accomplished weekend but my physical form is less than ideal.  Just today and maybe this week.  It’s like I can feel the knots forming in my back and neck and shoulders.  Too much lifting or strenuous activity.  Backpacks are built to kill. 

I leave some fish chores and animal tasks to be completed.  I shall return…..sometime.  I’m out for a bit today.  My body screams for bed and maybe eternal sleep.  I joke.  Maybe a week-long coma would be nice.  I’ll figure out the cure to what ails me.  Soon, I hope.  Or my time with school and work and life may be compromised. 

It’s like something in my ribcage.  My heart is beating abnormally fast for most, but peculiarly spot-on for me.  I want to rip it all out and lay out my body for mending.  Take me into a shop; I’m broke. 

It’s not that life isn’t beautiful.  It’s that my body hates what I ask of it.  And I shall pay a small price til normal functioning resumes.  Let this be a lesson never learned…..


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