Thursday Floods

It is now nearing the end of another week and my mind is flooded with thoughts and impulses so similar to the raindrops that push the height of the Red Cedar.  Drip, drop.  Another contemplation and maybe another inch. 

I’m facing the same dilemma a lot of Michiganders are at this moment:  A week ago I was buying ice cream and saying how beautiful the weather is.  Today it’s dreary and unforgiving.  Like it is finally Autumn.  It’s also funny because I just left my first class…and we spoke of climate change and species migration and how the photo period is altered as the seasons get pushed further and further back.  I wondered, what would the day be like for humans when a White Christmas is but a legend?  or something like that.  Fourth of July could get cold.  We would all be off a little.  Like I am today.  

Not to say I’m not excited!  there is another fun weekend in store for me if I pull it off.  I always find it a great mystery whether I come out on top after such adventures.  I intend to; I’m always confident.  I had an exam yesterday and worried so little during and after and before.  Tomorrow I have an exam bright ‘n early.  I guess I start studying now.  But I’m not rushed or stressed to that end. 


I find the bus people amusing, but also utterly repulsive at times.  I wish I could run some tests or surveys to figure out just how pervasive the use of the word “ain’t” and the phrase “Do me like that” truly is.  Because in my slice of the world, it’s a total plague. I can always tell quite quickly who of the bus folk is headed to college and which are the locals.  The ones fighting about food stamps and places to live over their iphone speakers stand out as winners in society.  I don’t mean to place judgement, but it makes me uncomfortable.  And also completely baffled.  I know we share such similar brains and potential.  What road did they take to place them in this degree of laziness and ignorance?  Or maybe I’m just wrong.  Still, the thoughts amuse me daily.  As I struggle to make the time.

I’m interviewing for Preuss Pets tomorrow.  I’m so….so pleased, actually.  Everyone says I got this in the bag.  Maybe it’s because I doodled fish set ups for the better part of my last class period…..when I wasn’t fascinated by the lecture material completely.  I have such plans for this world…..

The thoughts just keep flooding.


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