The Catch

It seems striking that happiness can be sustained for so long and yet still snag and plummet in the event of something so….unimportant.  It’s as though the body really does need to cry once in a while.  For general maintenance, if nothing else.  After all, it knows a lot more than I do.  But that “wisdom” is not always correct nor beneficial. 

So, you can imagine.  The fish geek falters today.  Actually, it hasn’t been great since sickness took hold.  But it is as though I’m fighting an inevitable- like a naysayer that doesn’t know her place.  What is a place in this great social realm?

How stupid it is to want company at all, when the desirable organism is self-sustaining. 

My fish do not require each other but for occasional stimulation.

And so, I require them for such as well. 

The catch of the matter is….Where does a fish geek fit outside of her fish?  And that little house in the brain.  I’m camped out there well tonight. 

I swear I’m moving soon. 

And away from this plight.


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