Playing God….or something like that

Coming from an animal breeder’s perspective, it’s kinda funny to see all of the little animals you are entitled to everyday.  And in the case of fish…all of the animals you have 100% say over who lives or dies.  Craziness!  Only that’s exactly how it is.  I’m an animal too, though.  Not a god. 


It’s very hard to be as much of an atheist as I am.  And be surrounded by religious inputs from friends and others.  I look at these creatures and imagine this on the scale of the world…and it’s simply true to say that every animal that lives on this planet does so for the purpose of humans or at the discretion of humans.  Which makes me wonder…is the idea of god something put in place to ensure we are not kings of the world?  at least, not in our minds? 

I can’t imagine the horror, and shudder to think of the truth.  Even without thinking, i control the lives of things that should have an equal fight in the world.  I am a human with little fears when i should be equally fearful but for real reasons. I’m more afraid of humans than anything else.  And our absurd potential. 

But even so, I do love guppy sorting. 


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