Hello again.

Been a while, huh?  Thoughts on the daily, but not committed to words.  Tis a shame, and I’m ashamed. 

What can be said?

Currently frustrated with the lack of upkeep on the end of my aquariums as time becomes ever more precious of a resource.  In a short span of time…I have acquired almost 10 new tanks, most of which sit unused, nagging at me with their possibilities.  It’s too infinite to start, almost.  I thumb through the pages of old aquarium literature.  I wish I could treat each tank as if it were my first.  With a direction and purpose and equal excitement.  Instead, I sip coffee and contemplate how much guidance my situation really needs, while my back aches and I hesitate to pick up a siphon or get to it. 

It’s also one of the coldest weeks imaginable for Michigan.  So cold, the very exposure to the outdoors for even 10-20 minutes is beyond painful.  Yet amazingly my home harbors a 70 degree tropical wonderland complete with live plants, exotic lizards, and Fish from every equatorial habitat.  I love it so, and wish I never had to leave for two jobs or school.  Yes, finals week is nearly done and school might be a memory for a small while.  But I’m still working on so much.  I still want so much.  Mostly, I want to move so much and get the windows down on an 80 degree day and turn back time simultaneously.  I think the season drags me down more than anything. 

Even this blog suffers.  Although still in its youth.  A premature death to the written word that I had longed to share all this time. 

I just wanted to say hi. 

And also that I’m still fighting.