Hello again.

Been a while, huh?  Thoughts on the daily, but not committed to words.  Tis a shame, and I’m ashamed. 

What can be said?

Currently frustrated with the lack of upkeep on the end of my aquariums as time becomes ever more precious of a resource.  In a short span of time…I have acquired almost 10 new tanks, most of which sit unused, nagging at me with their possibilities.  It’s too infinite to start, almost.  I thumb through the pages of old aquarium literature.  I wish I could treat each tank as if it were my first.  With a direction and purpose and equal excitement.  Instead, I sip coffee and contemplate how much guidance my situation really needs, while my back aches and I hesitate to pick up a siphon or get to it. 

It’s also one of the coldest weeks imaginable for Michigan.  So cold, the very exposure to the outdoors for even 10-20 minutes is beyond painful.  Yet amazingly my home harbors a 70 degree tropical wonderland complete with live plants, exotic lizards, and Fish from every equatorial habitat.  I love it so, and wish I never had to leave for two jobs or school.  Yes, finals week is nearly done and school might be a memory for a small while.  But I’m still working on so much.  I still want so much.  Mostly, I want to move so much and get the windows down on an 80 degree day and turn back time simultaneously.  I think the season drags me down more than anything. 

Even this blog suffers.  Although still in its youth.  A premature death to the written word that I had longed to share all this time. 

I just wanted to say hi. 

And also that I’m still fighting.


One thought on “Hello again.

  1. I went through a long “down-time” with my blog this summer. There were things to write about, but summer fun and family issues put the blog at the bottom of the list. I wanted to write something nearly every day. I would scribble notes to myself, notes that I still have. I would take endless pictures, meaning to use them in the blog. When I finally, finally wrote a few posts it felt so good! I want to write more but it is still tough to make the effort. But if the blog is not important to us bloggers how can it ever be important to our readers, so I never apologize for not writing. In other words, if you don’t care enough to write why should I care enough to read? So just write and let it happen!!! Don’t cry over spilt milk and all that. Write a post like you just wrote ten posts yesterday! Pick a tank, or a fish and tell me about it. I see that rack of fish tanks. What is in there??? I really want to know. I use those metal shelves like you have. I see those shallow plastic containers with airlines going to them. What is in there? Tell us!!!!

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