I can see quite clearly now the closing of the year that is/was 2014.  I can almost declare it dead, though I know it still yields a month or so of entertainment.  That entertainment, however, is of the very cold sort this time of year.  It is November and Michigan has received it’s first major snowfall for the season.  Last summer and fall just blew past me, it seems, like the wind that now carries the icy debris.  I barely had a chance to breathe.  Now, things are starting anew.  The world is changing and the plants are dying.  I feel at home staying inside with my plethora of animal life.  I keep them warm and shed my layers of clothing to enter my tropical paradise.  It has all come at a price, but now that it is cold again I hardly care.  I’m here and I’ve survived and I’m determined to continue surviving and making meaning of this existence.

Lately I have been through an upheaval of circumstances.  For starters, I had the car I’ve used for the last 5 years fall apart and sold for scrap.  My transportation situation is dicey and this isn’t exactly biking weather, so my life consists of bartering for rides from friends and family and walking intrepidly to the nearest bus stop.  In another sense, I’ve upgraded my communication technology while downgrading my transportation so that is reason to be gleeful.  I have entered the world of smartphone use and hardly know where to begin with it.  I feel as though I’m relearning practically everything.  But the adventures with the fish never stop.

I’m renewing my dream for 2015 of becoming breeder of the year in my aquarium society.  I think I have a fighting chance as this year was competitive to a degree.  Before the crazy summer got the best of me.  This year, I close with 10 new spawns.  This includes:

  1. Pseudosphromenus dayi
  2. Tylomelania sp. Yellow Rabbit Snail
  3. Pseudotropheus acei “White-Tail”
  4. Neocaridinia davidi “Yellow shrimp”
  5. Limia perugiae
  6. Heterandria formosa
  7. Celestichthys choprae
  8. Celestichthys margaritatus
  9. Moenkhausia pittieri
  10. Alfaro cultratus

Next year, I plan to start strong.  Yesterday I got a spawn I’ve been anticipating out of a fish known as Chlamydogobius eremius, or commonly the Australian Desert Goby.  The eggs they laid fill the back of a little cave and I feel the joy from inside leaping up. Let the games begin once more!

desert goby


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