The Things that Enrich You

The snow is falling more intensely today, piling the earth in winter dormancy.  I’ve already experienced many travels despite this, and despite not actually having a car to call my own.  I’ve begun to assume use of a loaner, and in a sense I still feel unstoppable.  Of course, that could be the loosened muscles in me speaking since a massage earlier restored elasticity.  I feel well, and it’s in proper order for this reboot.  I do not find this to be a false sense of security; I’m assured I am as on track as I could hope, at least for now.  That could also be the food in me speaking, as it nourishes my soul.  Whatever the source, it is from within that I strike forward.  Muscle, heart, cerebral cortex.  A stomach with less empty contents than the fish that I dissected the other day.

fish guts

It’s all here.  I’m all accounted for.

I’ve gathered plenty for this household of mine and so now that Mother Nature has beckoned for the cold, the work in the house beckons me and I feel ready.  This year I have a faithful pet rat to add cheer to my days.  It’s been years since I’ve had a rat of this sort; elephant-eared and human-pawed.  His name is Haku and he is in my home for the holidays.  It’s as if it was a missing piece, perhaps.  Honestly, I just feel so whole.  And for once, I am also confident another soul sits out there, isolated in another household yearning to be at my side as well.

haku rat

There are a million things to do inside, in my paradise.  If I continue to eat better and treat myself I think the positive attitude will linger longer and I will find much more dedication.  I am always apt to believe things will get better.  Perhaps better for me will be when the households are not separate and when my home is an absolute.  But for a temporary gig, I kinda like it so far.

This is the life.


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