If You Ever Need to Find Me, just Follow the Plush Plecostomus

plush plecoI had a real fun idea at work today, to brighten my day and bring about the best start possible at 8 AM.  I had the idea of bringing this plush Pecostomus toy I ordered online to my pet store gig, and just sticking it to some surface with its suction cup mouth. It’s simply too fun, and when I arrived for my quarantine duties, I found the perfect opportunity- the windowed door.  I wet the suction disk and stuck the plush where it was in obvious view and just let it amuse people who came and went for the duration of my shift.  This is exactly the kind of little thing I support, and I think everyone should find tidbits to keep the mood in high places.  This pleco was just the beginning for me.

The flow of business was smooth and not too strenuous at the pet store.  When I finished quarantine work (finding minimal dead fish to inspect and remove), I moved to the sales floor where I assisted customers.  The same goby I have bred at home bred at the store many months ago, and today marked the first store-bred gobies being offered for sale.  It was a small victory in seeing the expansion of the breeding projects to include the desert goby.  We also have young Apistogramma cacatuoides coming along nicely in back and these, too, I anticipate highly.  The man who works to breed these animals is Cuban and a very nice man.  He is always genuinely excited for fish, and I relate to him on a very fundamental level.  I always seek to please Antonio and deeply regret times when I haven’t.  That said, he was in a good mood this morning and it transferred to me as well.  I brought him some fine Koi angelfish stock and found them to have pleased him.  The best thing, of course, is the sensation that I’m making or influencing positive change in the store.  I am humble and I do not take credit for much, but I like to think I’m a driving force or at least a persistent reminder of the hobbyist’s wants.  Any way you view this situation, I’m absolutely stoked to be where I am and simply hope I continue to deliver on my promises.  For example, I have spoken of making daphnia and water lettuce grown indoors a real staple and I hope to see it sold to our customer base in the near future.  Call it more determination on my part.  I have grand intentions, overall, and that rarely changes (rain or shine).

I had some pleasing interactions today too, and I like it when I’m in a good mood.  There were a pair of Thorichthys ellioti that spawned in a sales tank and made a great show of their parenting.  There was just this huge pile of babies in the corner and both male and female fish were bright, colorful, and on guard.  I pointed this out to people at the nearest opportunity and that opportunity fell in my lap when I saw a regular customer with a real beginner’s knack for breeding fish.  I knew he would fall for this fish as I did in just instants even though I would have not noticed them if the fry were absent.  The man most interested in the baby desert gobies was also at the store today and that, too, was impeccable timing.


After work, I was so wiped out from sleep deprivation I simply could not avoid napping.  I napped for several hours undisturbed and when I woke up, I found it prime time to do a couple water changes, feed the rodents, and set out on a mini-adventure.  I met up with a new acquaintance and sipped a pricey (but delicious) mocha as we chatted for an hour and some change.  We had to venture to East Lansing to find a coffee place open at midnight.  This led me to the territory of my good, sick friend whom I sought to cheer up some before returning home at 3 AM.  It has been a sprawling day, but I have much to look forward to as always.  This is the Heather I like, and if you need to find her, just follow the plush Plecostomus.


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