No Car- Will Adventure

I woke up with the mentality that I would tackle any challenge.  Exams for school are done for the semester, and my only need was to make it to work today.  I knew my transportation was to be compromised, as the car I share with my sister was in her possession.  She had exams yet; I was done.  There was not a complaint on my end, because I know that the added challenge can result in some phenomenal experiences.  I know that the struggle to get from point A to point B can actually be a cheery affair with the right attitude.  So today I woke up assured it was going to go well for me.  I was first going to pick up my paycheck, because the pet shop doesn’t do direct deposit.  Then I would manage to make my way to campus another city away to fulfill duties at the library.

Before I even left the house, I came to realize there was a dilemma in my travel.  I didn’t have a bike accessible and though there was no snow on the ground, the air was quite cold.  I knew it would require great endurance to haul along a gift because I also planned to deliver a secret santa present at a food gathering arranged by library student staff that evening.  We were going to go get sushi as a last hurrah.  Many of these girls I’ve worked with for years now, and the time to graduate is nigh for them.  Not me yet, but that’s another story.  Anyways, I had this awkwardly packaged gift which was really many gifts.  So I came up with a solution to haul a wheeled cooler behind me like luggage at an airport.  I would walk the twenty minute walk and the bundle wouldn’t burden me.  I delighted in throwing many items into the box for my coworker.  It was mostly random, small things, but all held meaning.  I meant to brighten someone’s day.   There was a Subway sack featuring Guardians of the Galaxy images, stuffed with everything from body spray to a necklace and hair ties and a small plastic sea turtle.  She likes turtles, I mused.  I threw fake roaches and googly eyes and candies and toy lizards in the box as well.  Why not?  All fun things, of which I have ample supply.  I struck out for the day, then, with hope in my soul and less tedious baggage for the journey.  I rolled that cooler up the street and down many other streets. Men I passed would acknowledge this sight with a “Merry Christmas” gesture.  How kind.  How oblivious I am to the evils of others in the broad daylight, I thought.  Nobody seems inclined to hurt me.  But I understand it is wise to be wary as I travel solo and encumbered in the cold.  It was very cold.

By the time I made it to Old Town, the sweat under my coat stuck to my skin and I struggled to push my body further.  I was walking so quickly.  Oh how I wished I could walk faster.  I stopped for a mere minute to admire the river below the bridge on this chilly day and breathe a little better.  When I made it to the pet store, I retrieved my paycheck and before I could greet my friends who were on the clock, I spied a bag of snacks that seemed particularly appealing in my physically compromised state.  I snagged a bag of chocolate covered potato chips and told the lady at the front counter to put it on my house charge.  Then I sat and took a few bites and cracked open the envelope.  Because I spend so much here, I never know what I’ll bring home at the end of the week. I peeked inside and smiled to myself.  Better than I expected!  That’s always reason to celebrate.  Then I went to say hello to my fellow pet store staff who are practically my second family.  I shared with each I encountered the sinfully delightful snack.  I heard many compare it to the flavor of a french fry dipped in a frosty.  Ah, yes.  I was so happy to hang out for a bit, browse new saltwater fish, and joke with friends.  I couldn’t stay long, however.  I needed to make haste to my next destination.  I needed to brave the cold once more.

I thought up many ways I could make it to Michigan Avenue.  I really just needed to hop on the Number One bus to get a straight shot to campus.  However, I was a bit out of the way by now, and time was of the essence.  I quickly decided to roll my cooler down Cedar st. and many blocks away to reach downtown.  This decision was also a taxing one, and though I hustled as best I could, I still had to stop every now and then.  I still felt the strain of my demands.  I slumped onto the bench when I reached the site across from the Lugnuts Stadium.  Funny, I didn’t feel cold at all.  Perhaps it was getting warmer in the day.  Perhaps I worked up a good sweat.  My timing was good, and the bus arrived moments later.  I relished the warmth on-board and breathed in warm breaths.  There were a lot of people here, I could tell as I glanced.  I clutched my cooler and held on tight.

I wasn’t even late to work.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had time to indulge in a twenty-five cent water at the cafe before I rode the elevator up to my workplace.  It felt tremendously good to have gotten by on my quick scheme for the day.  I made it.

I passed around the bag of chocolate covered chips at work.  I just love giving.  I gifted my secret santa present prematurely, but the girl I was assigned would not attend our sushi dinner.  It was interesting to watch her open it, but at the same time, I felt ashamed for the amount of effort I intended to put into it to really make it stand out that just never happened.  It had to do.  I don’t have all the time in the world, after all, though I may convince myself sometimes.  I worked my four hours til close.  Then the sushi party commenced.  I was dropped off rather unexpectedly early for the event and was the first to show for our reservation.  So I took to chatting with the host.  It’s always interesting to talk to new people.  Everyone is so different, yet relies on key similarities to make connections.  A few minutes past 6 pm and a few minutes late, the party arrived.  The sushi was delicious.  The company impeccable.  I was given a gift card to Noodles and Company for a future meal, which was appreciated.  I also was driven home at the end of it all.  This entire day operated on a whim and no car.  So I like to think….

No car?  Will adventure!